USS Nogura – Aug-18

USS Nogura – Aug-18

Task Force 72, Task Force 72 Command

Sim Updates

There was no major changes to either the site or such on my simm this month. I've been working on a bit of clean up and general maintenance but nothing to really list in a report. Next month, I plan on hitting the recruitment trail and getting some fresh blood into the simm. I will be meeting with the Command Staff to prioritize needed positions and getting out very specific ads for those roles.

Crew Updates

This month saw the addition of Deb, and her character Lieutenant Liam Reynolds as our much needed Counselor. We also saw our Chief of Security step down, due to real life reasons, to the Assistant positions within that Department. August also saw a long term member leave the game, Lieutenant Jessica Vaii opted to reason for other avenues of simm. We wish her all the best and thank her for her services to the game.

Current Open Positions
Chief Science Officer
Chief Security Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
.. and many more

Story Elements

Current Mission: Back to Basic

“Survival was my only hope, success my only revenge.” ~ Patricia Cornwell

Fresh from their launch at Deep Space 7, Harrington and crew are ordered to the planet Prolla 5. Prolla, a Federation Outpost, has stopped all communication with the Federation; with her last communication over 4 weeks ago. With little to no information to work with, Starfleet orders the Nogura to see what has happened and report back.

Arriving at the planet the initial scans reveal that the planet is void of all humanoid life. There is no population, the Federation outpost is in ruins, there is nothing. Convinced whoever did this is not on the planet, a confused Harrington orders Away Teams to the planet to start a grid search and determine what happened to the Officers who called Prolla home. With some crew using transporters and others traveling via shuttlecraft, Harrington wants answers.

With Officers on the planet, the crew is surprised by an unexpected Ion storm that engulfs the planet and most of the ship; leaving the two crews unable to communicate or travel back and forth. With the storm gaining in both strength and intensity, Harrington orders the Away Teams to a set of nearby caves. Using only the resources they have with them at the time, the crew must survive and outwit nature.

Post Count: (multiple) 24, (solo) 8

Other Information

This month saw a few LOAs within the crew; summer vacations, house buying, job changes, and such. Overall wasn't a bad month, lost of story development and progression in the mission. With our recruitment drive next month, I hope to gain some new crew and continue our storyline; which I will be moving from our speciality theme into something more in line with the rest of the fleet. More to come on that later..



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