– January 4, 2018


Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

For the month of December I worked in getting a skin to our site that was both easier to edit and mobile friendly. With a large portion of the crew using their mobile devices I felt it was needed to make the change. With those changes, I also cleaned up the site, deleted old pictures, and general maintenance of the site. Most of the changes were not massive, or large; just general upkeep. I tend not to do any big change, just small adjustments here and there to keep things up to date.

Crew Updates

There was no real changes in crew this month, a few applications were processed; but overall the crew managed to stay the same with no additions and only two player removals. This month did see the promotions of 4 characters, Lt JG Ba'au, Lt Aemiq, MCapt. Shepard, and Lt JG Vaii, to the next rank. We are currently recruiting for a Chief Helm Officer, Chief Operations, Counselor, and many others. I will be working with the Command Team to work on a new recruitment campaign for the simm.

Story Elements

Fairly productive month, with 31 mission posts for the month of December. Considering the holidays and family LOAs I am very impressed with this number. December saw the end of a mission and the start our mission that was written by two of our players called "In All The Wrong Places." This will be a First Contact mission that involved a body swap for the Captain and XO; along with a few others. Now that the holidays are over and the new year has started I expect a boost in posting.

Other Information

The start of December marked the 3rd Year Anniversary of this simm. My thanks to our players, the Task Force Command Staff, and the Fleet for their support, dedication, and friendship. It has been a pleasure, I look forward to another 3 years.

It is a short report, I know, but with the holidays not a whole heck of a lot took place. Happy 2018 to all and best wishes for a happy new year.

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