– February 12, 2018


Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

The biggest change to the site this month was getting the last of the details finalized for our swap over from the Roanoke to the Nogura. The swap has not taken place in game yet, but it is being prepped as we speak in the current mission. Other then that my focus was all about updating and removing out dated content.

Crew Updates

No real changes this month, as we are in the middle of a swap I didn't feel it right to toss the manifest up into the air and see where pieces land. Let's get over one change then tackle another. For open position we are always looking for talented, creative, and dedicated writers. Our manifest can be found here: http://st-civilwar.utopia-host.com/index.php/personnel/index.

Story Elements

We have started a new mission this month titled, "In All the Wrong Places." This was a mission written by two members of our crew in response to a simm contest to write a humorous mission. The main points of the mission involved first contact, body swaps, and possibly an appearance by the Borg.

Summary: After hearing news of a new species that has just achieved warp capabilities, the Roanoke is sent on every crew’s most anticipated and exciting kind of mission-- First Contact. After a successful meeting with the Aeryans, the crew has a chance to mingle and get to know more about the uniquely telepathic species. The crew is invited to a traditional meal while the Aeryans celebrate the festival of Vael'opua (Veil-ohp-OO-ah), which marks the start of a transition to major technological development, among several things. After the meal, however, the crew soon finds themselves in an odd predicament-- they have started switching bodies! Can the crew get to the bottom of the rather odd situation, and how does the story told at the celebration connect to the probe that was picked up by sensors?

Other Information

We had a few set backs this month with a couple of LOAs, my own job going nuts over the last month, and a few others things. So this wasn't as active of a month as I would have hoped for. But things seem to be getting back to normal and we continue to look forward.

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