USS Nogura – July 3, 2018

Task Force 72, Task Force 72 Command

Sim Updates

There was no real changes to the site, save the standard "normal" upkeep. Most of the site work this month was getting everything update, removal of old content, and refreshing a few things. The only changes outside of this was the new privacy updates, which didn't take that long to update.

Crew Updates

New Crew: There was no new crew this month to report.

Resigned Crew: This month saw the resignation of the ship's Marine Commanding Officer. Major Wolf has had an increase in RL work and had to lighten his load, as they say.

Open Positions:
Chief Science Officer
Marine Commanding Officer
Chief Intel Officer
Chief Counselor
Chief Diplomatic Officer

Story Elements

“Survival was my only hope, success my only revenge.” ~ Patricia Cornwell

Fresh from their launch at Deep Space 7, Harrington and crew are ordered to the planet Prolla 5. Prolla, a Federation Outpost, has stopped all communication with the Federation; with her last communication over 4 weeks ago. With little to no information to work with, Starfleet orders the Nogura to see what has happened and report back.

Arriving at the planet the initial scans reveal that the planet is void of all humanoid life. There is no population, the Federation outpost is in ruins, there is nothing. Convinced whoever did this is not on the planet, a confused Harrington orders Away Teams to the planet to start a grid search and determine what happened to the Officers who called Prolla home. With some crew using transporters and others traveling via shuttlecraft, Harrington wants answers.

With Officers on the planet, the crew is surprised by an unexpected Ion storm that engulfs the planet and most of the ship; leaving the two crews unable to communicate or travel back and forth. With the storm gaining in both strength and intensity, Harrington orders the Away Teams to a set of nearby caves. Using only the resources they have with them at the time, the crew must survive and outwit nature.

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Other Information

Last month saw an increase in overall involvement and a lot of OOC progression in Discord. Our simm has had a few changes over the last month, but I am confident we are over the hurdle and looking at only getting better from here. I want to give a big thanks to our new XO, Commander Seklar for all her help and assistance this month.

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Posted: July 3, 2018 1:03 am
Updated: July 3, 2018

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