– March 31, 2018


Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

I spent a majority of this month working on advertising and rebuilding the simm, after last month. The only changes I made to the site were basic upkeep, fixing a few outdated images, and cleaning things up a little. After the end of our last missions we officially moved from the Nogura to the Roanoke mid-March and we are ready to start our first mission.

We are excited to kick the tires and see what the Nogura is capable off, she is currently docked at Deep Space 7.

Crew Updates

We are still looking to fill a few key roles within the manifest namely:

Chief Medical Officer
Chief Counselor
Chief Science Officer

This month saw the addition of 3 new Officers; our Chief of Security Lieutenant Junipyr Danae, our Chief Flight Control Officer Lieutenant Obav th'Villos, and finally our Marine CO Major Dominic 'Rock' Wolfe. A big hearty welcome to all our new players.

Story Elements

Current Mission: Another New Ship

With the system failures of the Roanoke behind them, the crew is transferred to the USS Nogura. As the crew transfers to their new home, meets the new crew, and gets settled in; their only hope is that a fresh start will allow them to move on from their checkered past. But not all things remain in the past as planned and sometimes you can't outrun your own actions.

Next Mission: Back to Basic

Other Information

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