USS Nogura – Sep-18

USS Nogura – Sep-18

Task Force 72, Task Force 72 Command

Sim Updates

This month brought several new changes to our website. A new skin, new pip ranks, updated uniform images, and a fresh new overall appearance. We spent a good bit of the month updating all the information, removing old, outdated content and giving everything a face lift. The rest of the month was spent working on advertising and our name out there for potential new players. Overall I am very pleased with the changes, and will be continuing to update and revamp our site over the next few weeks. Figured after 4 years it was time for a big change.

Crew Updates

This month saw the addition of Jay, who will be playing our Chief Science Officer (Lieutenant JG Kala Anjar). Jay has jumped in with boot feet and hit the deck running. Other then that we didn't have any players leave, and managed to bring out numbers up to 9 members.

Key Positions still needed:
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief Operations Officer
and several Assistant Chief Officers...

Story Elements

September saw the end to our mission, Back to Basic, with several key events taking place in the game. After which our storyline progressed to Earth where the crew has been on shoreleave.

Current Mission: Shoreleave: Earth "Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective" ~Doe Zantamata

In the aftermath of Prolla 5, the Nogura is ordered to Earth at maximum wrap. Here the ship will undergo several needed repairs, her crew will debrief with Star Fleet Command, and Commodore Harrington will recover from the wounds he sustained on Prolla 5.

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Our next mission will be starting very soon....

Mission 14: Blast From the Past
“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” ~ Marcus Garvey

Fresh from their shoreleave on Earth, the Nogura is ordered to the Carlson Nebula to investigate several strange readings recently picked up on long range scans. It is a simple mission and after the events on Prolla 5, the crew is rather pleased. Upon arrival at the Nebula, Harrington orders each department into their assigned task. However, before the crew can begin their work an unknown energy wave engulfs the ship rendering the crew unconscious. Each member of the crew awakens at a specific point in their past that had a significant impact on their character’s present. Unable to effect, alter, or change the events of the past; the affected crew is fated to live these events all over again. Forced to reconcile their own past, the crew find themselves trapped; left with no other option to continue. After coming to terms with their past, the crew awakens to find themselves in the exact moment of their arrival at the Carlson Nebula. With no explanation or reason for how this took place, the Nogura begins their scan of the Nebula only to find all the previous strange readings now gone. Launching a probe, Harrington orders the Nogura to it’s next designation.

Other Information

September was a great month with lots of changes and development. I can't wait to see this progress continue and grow.. Here's to a great October!! ~Jakers



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