USS Orion – Jul-18

USS Orion – Jul-18

Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

No major changes to report for this month.

Crew Updates

This month I'd like to highlight a few key assistant chief positions that are open and have lots of potential:


Lots of room to expand in those fields as there are only department heads. I'm eager to see those areas expanded and added to the fantastic crew stories.

Story Elements

The Orion is currently in the process of repairing propulsion systems to escape the space that is making the crew question their sanity. We aim to have the current mission wrapped up by the end of next month.

Other Information

July has been slower than typical but we have still produced quality story posts. This month has marked several summertime LOAs and a temporary illness on my part. However, we look forward to August and continuing to write great adventures together.



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