USS Pioneer 02/2018

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USS Pioneer 02/2018

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

The site has gone through some minor updates. These updates include link buttons for the bios that look like comm badges from Star Trek Voyager. This fits with the general theme of the site. A sister sim page has also been created, showing the banners and links for sims that the Pioneer work closely with.

The ship itself is holding strong there have been some crew rotations due to real life issues but that will be discussed in the next section.

Crew Updates

USS Pioneer February Awards
After polling the crew the decision was made by the command staff and the crew to hold all awards until the end of the mission. This is en lieu of monthly awards.

Departing Crew Members
Lieutenant Commander Patricia Montgomery XO - Due to personal issues outside of the sim she had to resign. She will be missed both in the story and in the community that is the Pioneer.
Private First Class Syrilius (Sniper) - After attempting to join in the story Syrilius has decided that the Pioneer was just not the place for him. We wish him all the best.

New Crew Members
Ensign Elloma Essu - Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Warrant Officer Joran Thal - Chief Intelligence Officer
Petty Offier First Class Jennifer Masters - HUMINT Agent
Lieutenant Commander Bernadette Freise - Executive Officer
Lieutenant Darf Krackden - Chief Operations Officer

Open Positions
Chief Flight Control Officer
Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Multiple Enlisted Positions
Multiple Marine Positions

Story Elements

The USS Pioneer is heading deeper into the Badlands. Her Intelligence Department under fresh leadership from Warrant Officer Joran Thal has discovered an old Nor Class station there. It seems that there is an organization hiding out there. The biggest curve ball in this heap is that somewhere on that station is an undercover Starfleet Officer. This officer the future XO of the USS Pioneer is believed to be a hell of an officer by some and a possible defector by others.

Our Marine Division has begun intensive training as they await the order to engage from the CO. The side plots are progressing nicely and it seems that our CMO has sought a second opinion from the EMH above all. Meanwhile the CSO is faced with a question of conscience.

Elsewhere on the ship a civilian has opened a lounge in the aft section of the ship on deck 11. She aptly named the lounge After 11. The crew is taking great advantage of the hospitality offered there. The barkeep for her part is causing a bit of a stir.

Post Count: 30
Playing Characters: 17
New Players: 3
Pending Applications: 0

Other Information

There are instances in a sim when fresh blood and fresh ideas are all that is needed. With the new command team in place the Pioneer has skyrocketed. I feel that I would be remiss in this report if I did not single out a few people in this report for making February the best month yet for the Pioneer. First Lieutenant Commander Bernadette Freise since stepping into the XOs shoes she has taken to my quirky command style and turned it into something that I never thought possible. The stories on the Pioneer have taken a bit more realism as she assists in concentrating on the people and not the mission. I can't say enough about her, other than I am over the moon to have her at my right hand. Secondly, Lieutenant Junior Grade Amelia Zano who not only keeps the crew sane as our counselor but the NPCs that they have created have added a depth to the ship that was missing.

I would also like to thank Rear Admiral Oliver Lancaster for the opportunity to serve Obsidian Fleet and Task Group 47C as the Senior Ship Commanding Officer. I hope to live up to the standard that he has set.



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