USS Pioneer – November 29, 2017

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

A few changes on the site have been made, as I am constantly working on it, retooling it. The latest is and greatest is our award of the October Unit of Merit Award. We are amazed and humbled by this award in such a short period of time.
USS Pioneer 11/2017 1
Other new additions include many new Wikis expanding the base knowledge on local sectors, and planets. An outline of a custom race designed by one of our players. Our web mistress has also designed a custom MSD and Dedication Plaque for the Pioneer. With assistance of the Web Mistress the Pioneer's website is building and expanding and becoming a beautiful home for the Pioneer.

Crew Updates

As of the time of this report we are in process of voting for our November Crew Awards, so that will be included in the next report.

New Crew Memebers:
Lieutenant Richard Ballston MD - Chief Medical Officer
Private 1st Class Maisie Dawes - Field Medic USS Pioneer Marines
Command Master Chief B'tak Williams - Chief of the Boat

Fleshing out our NPC community the following are PNPCs
Corporal Azure Thompson - Field Medic USS Pioneer Marines

Open Positions:
Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Assistant Chief Engineer
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Ship's Chief Counselor
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Marine Executive Officer
Multiple Marine Specialties
Multiple Enlisted Oppurtunities

Story Elements

The Enemy Within
The Pioneer has shoved off from the pylons of Empok Nor and is en route to the Badlands. The crew is aware that their current mission is of two parts. The first being exploration to explore and fully catalog the spacial anomaly. They are also going to be looking for any residual traces of the what the being known as The Caretaker did. Secondary and more distressing is that the crew has been made privy to some communications and ship's logs from the USS Firebird and the USS Fearless in which they engaged a group calling themselves the New Maquis. This group has engaged a Federation Oberth Class vessel severly damaging that ship as well as a Galor Class warship as well as both the Firebird and the Fearless. The Pioneer is tasked with finding out if this group is indeed a resurgence of the Maquis, where their base of operations is, and to put a stop to them if possible. The largest piece of the puzzle is to attempt to find out who is running this show. The Pioneer is currently at warp 4 making for the Badlands.

Elsewhere on the ship our Chief Engineer is exploring the integration of 21st century components into the ship's systems. Using the analog devices as a back up, he has gone as far as welding the ship together. Truly a unique CEO and I am glad to have him. Our Chief Medical Officer, and Azzian is educating the crew on the uniqueness of his race while his family, and ambassadorial contingent from his homeworld is settling in on Empok Nor.

Other Information

A very exciting month on the Pioneer as a whole. Crew interactions are up as the community interaction on the discord channel. It is all coming together for the Pioneer on her first journey. We are also continuing to develop the concept of cross sim posting. In keeping with this members of our sister ship the USS Fearless have been invited to create an account on the Pioneer site. This accomplishes two great things for the Pioneer. The first is Pioneer crew can now joint post with Fearless crew. The second is that the Fearless crew members have created NPCs aboard the Pioneer. This adds a great element for the Pioneer, showing that there is a much larger crew at work on this ship then just her senior staff. Thus far our sojourn into cross sim posting has been an immense success and we hope to add other ship's to this concept soon.

I feel I would be remiss if I did not recognize a few of my crew members on this report. The first is Lieutenant Commander Patricia Montgomery, my Executive Officer. She has been with me every step of the way as this sim got off the ground, from helping with plot to assisting in managing applications, to managing crew quarters assignments. She is truly a god send... The second is my Web Mistress Ensign T'Rish who is my Chief Operations Officer. Not only is she amazing at web design and management, but her writing is beyond reproach. Three other crew members to be recognized are Lieutenant Thalk my Chief Engineering Officer, Lieutenant Vaebn tr'Hwersuil my Chief Science Officer, and Dr Richard Ballston my Chief Medical Officer. These two officers have jumped into the plot with gusto, firing out suggestions left and right. Their writing has amazed me thus far with subtle interactions and I look forward to reading what is next from them.

Post Count: 25
Playing Characters: 12
New Players: 3
Pending Applications: 0

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