USS Pioneer – April 2020

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USS Pioneer – April 2020


Sim Updates

The site update has gone through and although there are a few minor glitches it looks great. It really incorporates the Star Trek Picard aesthetic in look and feel. We have Picard uniform avatars and ranks on our manifest. The crew and myself are exceptionally happy with the way it turned out. Stop by the site and have a look, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Our cross sim mission had drawn to a close and the fleet emerged victorious as Empok Nor is retaken. This came at a great cost to both sides. Gul Typhon Prenar the head of the Obsidian Order and Hadir Prenar's father has been killed by his son no less. Ensign Dana Wakefield, an Operations Officer aboard the Pioneer gave the ultimate sacrifice and died saving her ship and crew in the midst of combat.

The current mission is called New Home Same Pioneers and is a story that will show what happens as a ship simply cruises. More on that later in the report. The Pioneer currently has one application pending and under review.

Crew Updates

Crew Changes
With the new mission two crew members have decided to change characters. First Ensign Dana Wakefield of the Operations Department has passed away during the last mission. Her writer has replaced her with Ensign Eleanor Raine the Pioneer's new Diplomatic Advisor.

Lieutenant Ingrid Hollister the Chief Flight Control Officer has resigned their commission with Starfleet. Her whereabouts are unknown. Her writer has replaced her with Lieutenant Junior Grade Nazia Tam the new Chief Flight Control Officer.

Departing Crew Members
Thankfully our community stays strong on the Pioneer. No one has left the sim. The Pioneer community is a relatively solid one.

Leave of Absence
We are happy to announce that our Chief Science Officer Vaebn tr'Hwersuil has returned to us, as well as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer Hermia O'Rourke. However, our Counselor Tallida Ovaa still remains on Leave of Absence as her real life calls. Lord knows we can use her and we hope she returns soon.

New Crew Members
The past month was a busy one on the Pioneer a lot of new things. A new site, new mission, and not one but two new crew members. First we would like to welcome Lieutenant Junior Grade Alexander Foulkes to our Science Department as the Astrometrics Officer. He is no Seven of Nine but he is going be a great addition. Welcome aboard...

In our Marine division we welcome Sergeant Teevil Eubilex as the Team Leader of Rifle Fire Team 2. He is also a skilled Combat Engineer. I guess that comes with being an Edosian with three arms. We are overjoyed to him and Alexander aboard and cannot wait to see what they have in store for us.

Awards & Promotions
As the mission closes a number of awards have been given out.

Warrant Officer Mira Jayna has been given the Captain's Personal Merit

Makeba Brown has been given the Executive Officer's Merit

Lieutenant Junior Grade Nazia Tam has been given the Second Officer's Merit

Ensign Eleanor Raine as Ensign Dana Wakefield has been given the Crew's Choice Award

Crewman Sofia Cipriani has been given the Enlisted Award of Merit

Captain Cornelius Tremble & Lieutenant Elen Diari have been given the Creativity Award

Ensign Eleanor Raine has been given the Service Citation for 2+ Years

Ensign Eleanor Raine, Captain Tyler Malbrooke, & Lieutenant Elen Diari have been given the Outstanding Post Ribbon

Lieutenant Ameri Ó Flannagáin & Lieutenant Junior Grade Nazia Tam have been given the Service Citation for 1 Year

Abigail Ballston, Staff Sergeant Alexandra Hobard, Corporal D'tar Xo'chi have been given the Outstanding Post Ribbon

Captain Tyler Malbrooke has been given the Good Conduct Medal

Captain Tyler Malbrooke, Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin, Captain Cornelius Tremble, Lance Corporal Rairror Thoran, Corporal Azure Thompson, Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters, Warrant Officer Mira Jayna, Lance Corporal Adélaïde Moreau, Chloe De La Vega have been given the George S Patton Memorial Combat Medal

Captain Tyler Malbrooke, Commander Quinn Ó Flannagáin, Captain Titus Knight, Lieutenant Hayley Buchanan, Lieutenant Commander Derek Winston, Lieutenant Commander Jordyn Hopkins, Lieutenant Delilah Godfrey, Lieutenant Michael Hudson, Lieutenant Junior Grade Veronica O'Neill have been given the Most Creative Cross Sim Post Award

Story Elements

As the dust settles on the battle and Empok Nor rebuilds Captain Malbrooke has a conversation with Admiral Lancaster. The latter issues an order for the Pioneer to make for Starbase Sirius in all due haste. While traveling to the station the crew came to terms Dana's death. A new chapter in the Pioneer begins with families. To kick that off the Pioneer has a wedding as the Chief Intelligence Officer Jennifer Masters marries Billy Calhoun.

When the Pioneer arrives at Starbase Sirius the crew is granted leave to settle in and explore the station as the ship is outfitted with a Quantum Slipstream Drive. The Pioneers aboard the USS Pioneer have a new home, and new friends.

New enemies rise from an old source, The Romulans...

Other Information

I am overjoyed at the drive in posting and reinvestment into the Pioneer and it's story. I am indeed lucky to have this crew and this community.

I would like to add for anyone who may read this, a simple Thank You. As an essential employee who works in Emergency Services I know that I have appreciated the distraction this community can offer. So thank you for taking my mind off of a lot of the sorrow and pain that I have been seeing these past few weeks.

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