USS Pioneer – Aug-19

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USS Pioneer – Aug-19

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

New cast photo has been created. A couple of new mods have gone up as well. The Pioneer's website is never complete. There is more work being done on the skin as well.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
Thankfully no one has departed our family

Leave Of Absence
Our Chief of the Boat Andrew Moore is back from their ELOA. We are overjoyed that they have mended well and are back in action. The Pioneer crew is now all present and accounted for. No one on LOA.

New Crew Members
There are no new crew members to report at this time.

Awards & Promotions
We are pleased to announce the following awards.

The entire crew was given the Silver Unit of Merit Award for the moth of July.
Ensign Dana Wakefield was given the Captain's Personal Merit Award
Lieutenant Ameri O Flannagain was given the Executive Officer's Merit Award
Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters was given the Crew's Choice Award
Lieutenant Ameri O Flannagain was given the Meritorious Newcomer Award
Lieutenant Ingrid Hollister was given the Departmental Service Badge: Command
Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters & Ensign Dana Wakefield were given the Friendship Ribbon
Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters & Ensign Dana Wakefield were given the Outstanding Post Ribbon
Captain Tyler Malbrooke was given the 100 Post Ribbon

Open Positions
First Sergeant
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Counterintelligence Agent
Combat Engineer
Many Enlisted Positions Open

Story Elements

The crew of the Pioneer is recalled from Shore Leave and orders have been received. These orders are sending the Pioneer to the planet Wren IX in Cardassian space. They are to survey the planet for possible colonization for the Cardassian Union. However, this mission is suspicious. The drums of war are sounding at Empok Nor and Cardassia Prime. Half the Cardassian Defense Fleet have left for Breen Space for unknown reasons.

Upon arrival at Wren IX the Pioneer finds signs of life on the planet complete with an unknown station. The crew of the Pioneer will have to answer the following questions. Why had Cardassia no known about this? Who built all of this? But most importantly where did they all go. It seems that Malbrooke, Ó Flannagáin, and the rest of the Pioneer crew have an old fashioned mystery on their hands. What will become the USS Pioneer when it comes face to face with The Silence?

Post Count: 147
Playing Characters: 18
New Players: 0
Pending Applications: 0

Other Information

Another fast and furious month on the Pioneer. As the plot advances to a head. What looms for this crew and this ship.



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