USS Pioneer – August 2020

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USS Pioneer – August 2020


Sim Updates

The ever changing skin of the site continues. I have managed to get the site to show in darker colors which makes it easier to read. We have also added new headings to the Crew Manifest page. The major undertaking that we are currently working on is making the site more mobile friendly for any users that may want to access via mobile devices. We have also officially added our Gold UOM to the site. The crew of the Pioneer is humbled and overjoyed by this award.

As September begins a friendly competition between the Pioneer and the USS Elysium begins. The race for 200 posts... What the gallant crew of the Ely doesn't know is we Intrepid Class ships are used to the long haul race, and used to winning. Best of luck...

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
Unfortunately we have yet another departure from our community. Samuel Renfroe has been cut from the sim due to lack of communication. I would like to add here that it boggles this CO's mind that someone would join a sim and then disappear.

Leave Of Absence
We currently have no crew members on Leave of Absence. The entire crew is ready willing and able to serve.

New Crew Members
The Pioneer is not actively recruiting and as such we have not had any applicants. However, we are always on the lookout for new great crew members.

Awards & Promotions
There are no awards or promotions to give out at this time. We are going through out nomination process which will occur at the close of the current mission. We hope to be done with the current mission by the end of September.

Story Elements

We are coming up on closing out our Shore Leave mission. The crew is beginning to return to the ship. Meanwhile some family of some crew have come to visit. A cryptic message from Starfleet Academy for the Pioneer's Science Officer has been received. Meanwhile the XO continues his investigation into what happened a year ago on the Pioneer. When the ship and crew crossed dimensional lines.

Other Information

The Pioneer continues to post some of the best writing that I have seen. Our posting numbers remain high despite the departures that we have had. The Pioneer community a close knit one and one that I am extremely grateful for. Here is to the next great month of adventures together.

24626 words among 15 writers averages out to 49.252 posts. Which is about 3.28 posts per writer a fantastic month for the Pioneer.



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