USS Pioneer – December 30, 2017

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

There are two new additions to the site this month. The first is our sister ship the USS Archimedes' crew manifest is up on our site. This facilitates cross sim posting with that ship. The second is a custom graphic designed by our Task Group Commanding Officer Captain Vela. The graphic is now located on our main page and depicts our ship with the correct name and registry number. On behalf of the crew of the USS Pioneer I would like to thank Captain Vela in this report.

Posting as a whole is a little on the downside, which I believe is to be expected due to the holidays. I fully expect posting to pick up again in January once the holiday craze is behind us all.

Crew Updates

USS Pioneer November Awards
Lt Commander Patricia Montgomery XO - Received the Crew's Choice Award and the Professional Merit Award
Lt Larim Myles CSTO - Received the Captain's Personal Merit Award
Ensign T'Rish COO - Received the Outstanding Volunteer Award
WO Tobias Beckett CIO - Received the Executive Officer's Personal Merit Award
The December awards are currently being voted on and will be published in next months report.

Departing Crew Members
1st Lieutenant Akar Cruz Marine Commanding Officer - We at the Pioneer wish him well and perhaps he can return in due time

New Crew Members
1st Lieutenant Jack Cunningham Jr - Marine Commanding Officer/Second Officer
Private First Class Syrilius - Sniper USS Pioneer Marines

Open Positions
Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Assistant Chief Engineer
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Ship's Chief Counselor
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Marine First Sergeant
Multiple Marine Specialties
Multiple Enlisted Oppurtunities

Story Elements

The Pioneer is cruising at warp 4 heading to the Badlands. The crew makes the ship ready for the chaos that is the Badlands. The ship's Chief Medical Officer, and Chief Engineer have created a supplementary Sick Bay and triage center for precautionary reasons. The Chief Science Officer is hard at work creating what he calls a whisker network. A series of probes that would be linked to each other and to the Pioneer. This would function much like a cat and it's whiskers giving the Pioneer's sensors a much needed boost in the anomaly.

In other news the crew sits in trepidation about the thought of another Maquis uprising. Despite the COs orders of keeping it under wraps rumors abound on the ship. These rumors lead to worry and in some cases fear. The question is can Malbrooke and Montgomery keep them together.

As if all of this wasn't enough the young Vulcan/Betazoid hybrid on the Pioneer has begun to experience the beginning phases of her first Pon Faar. The Pioneer's mission is too crucial to the entire Cardassian sector for the ship to turn around. So that leaves the young Ensign in the capable hands of the Chief Medical Officer as they work in an effort to curb the urges until the mission is over.

Other Information

A very exciting month on the Pioneer as a whole. Crew interactions are up as the community interaction on the discord channel. It is all coming together for the Pioneer on her first journey. We completed a rather successful Secret Santa gift exchange for the holidays. This brought us even closer together. We are also continuing to develop the concept of cross sim posting. The first of what I hope is many cross sim posts have gone up on the Pioneer's site. They are a joy to read as characters that I have come to know from the Pioneer begin to interact with new but established characters. For me it is like when Sisko met Picard... These posts are becoming simply a joy to read.

I would like recognize Fist Lieutenant Jack Cunningham... he joined the ship and has attacked the Marine Department with gusto. Getting to know the Marines as well as organizing the department from an OOC perspective. He is an immense help in getting that department moving.

Post Count: 20
Playing Characters: 14
New Players: 2
Pending Applications: 1

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