USS Pioneer – February 2020

USS Pioneer – February 2020


Sim Updates

The website redesign continues to go swimmingly. The new skin is finished and I have designed an entirely new rank set from the ground up. I have also created new avatars for the whole crew. All of this will be unveiled on the site after the current mission comes to an end. The new site will have an aesthetic similar to that of Star Trek Picard. The current mission "Empok's End" draws to it's climax as a multi fronted battle ensues. There will be a lot more on that later in the report.

Although the current mission is titled Empok's End the command team of the USS Pioneer have decided to keep the old station around. The Pioneer will rejoin the task group however, the stories at Empok Nor will continue. The station characters will be written as secondary characters withing the Pioneer sim. My crew is having a blast writing those stories and we would hate to see them end. So stay tuned for more from Empok Nor.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
We are saddened to say that due to a lack of communication and a lack of posting we have had to part ways with our Chief of the Boat Andrew Moore.

Leave of Absence
Currently the Pioneer is at full crew with no one on LOA.

New Crew Members
The Pioneer has no one new on the ship.

Awards & Promotions
In happier news we are proud to announce that Commander Quinn O Flannagain and Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters celebrate their two year anniversary on the Pioneer. I thank them for their friendship, their service, and their fantastic contributions to the Pioneer.

Open Positions
Chief of the Boat
First Sergeant

Story Elements

The Pioneer has rendezvoused with the USS Tinanglong, USS Tianjin, USS Ottawa-A, and the USS Churchill at Camp McCoy. The displaced crew of Empok Nor have been scattered to various places to lick their wounds. Some are at Camp McCoy, some went to Port Royale. As they lick their wounds and get their spirits back up a large briefing is held at Camp McCoy. This briefing is led by General Francis Sobel of the the Starfleet Marine Corps. A plan to create a joint task force to retake Empok Nor was formed and launched. The plan is two fold, the Marines led by Captain Cornelius Tremble of the USS Pioneer will board Empok Nor and attempt to retake the station from within. The fleet will be responsible for the ships on patrol and docked at the station. It is expected that the Marines will take the brunt of the casualties as the will board the station directly. The ultimate goal is to capture the two men responsible for all of the unrest in Cardassian space. Former Starfleet Admiral Rodney Leyton and Gul Typhon Prenar formerly the head of the Obsidian Order. It is the eve of battle and the crew of the USS Pioneer will wait for the dawn.

Other Information

In the spirit of Project Khitomer we at the USS Pioneer are proud that Empok's End is not only a multi sim mission, it involves multiple fleets. I would like to thank the crews of the USS Tianglong and the USS Tianjin from Bravofleet and the crews of the USS Ottawa-A and the USS Churchill of the Mystic Fans Universe. Their help and contributions have been immense in this mission. It is shaping up to be one great space battle. From the crew of the USS Pioneer we thank these crews of these wonderful sims.

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