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USS Pioneer – February 2021

USS Pioneer – February 2021

Sim Updates

New skin design continues. We are also working on a new set of avatars as well as new imagery for use throughout the site. The largest undertaking for this complete overhaul is a opening credit video of sorts.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
Thankfully none of the Pioneer family have left us during the past month.

Leave of Absence
The month of February continued the LOA of two of our crew members, Jennifer Masters-Calhoun and Vaebn tr'Hwersuil. A third crew member went on LOA in the middle of February our Diplomat Ensign Eleanor Raine. As of March 1st I am pleased to announce the Jennifer and Vaebn will be returning to active duty. In these trying times it is wonderful to have people take time if they need and return.

New Crew Members
There are no new members to the Pioneer crew at this time.

Awards & Promotions
We are happy to announce that Jennifer Masters Calhoun & Quinn O Flannagain have been with us for three years. While there is no award for this we still wanted it to be recognized.

Story Elements

Family Matters
The Pioneer's Captain's yacht named Oakley has encountered the Romulan warbird Glan'To in the Glintara Sector somewhere in Romulan space. The warbird is under the command of a Colonel Loval someone who claims to know the Pioneer's Science Officer. After a brief encounter Loval begins to lead the Oakley on the most dangerous wild goose chase. Can Malbrooke and his band figure out the Romulan's riddle before time runs out for the young Starfleet Cadet being held hostage?

Meanwhile, the USS Pioneer under the command of Commander Quinn O Flannagain arrives at the homeworld of the mysterious race known as the Jutrai. All that is currently known about them is that they claim to be an offshoot of the Romulans. What does this race's sudden appearance mean to the Federation? To Romulus?

Other Information

Just under four posts per writer this month. The Pioneer has returned to the writing we have become accustomed to. I am exceedingly proud of this crew and this community. The stories that are coming from this little ship are amazing, even I cannot wait to see what this crew has in store.



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