USS Pioneer – January 30, 2018

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

With the holidays behind us posting has resumed back to the normal levels. The only major addition to the site is a complete Duty Roster. Showing which shift the crew has and where their quarters are. This awesome roster would not be possible if it were not for my XO, who is a god send.

I am working with my web mistress on an overhaul of the crew manifest page, so that is on the horizon. We are looking to keep the Pioneer's internet home fresh ans full of surprises.

I am also working on a video that would be like an introduction to a TV show introducing the player characters.

Crew Updates

USS Pioneer December Awards
Commander Tyler Malbrooke CO - Crew's Choice Award
Lieutenant Richard Ballston CMO - Captain's Personal Merit Award
Ensign T'Rish COO - Executive Officer's Merit Award
Lieutenant Commander Patricia Montgomery XO - Non-Player Character Award
1st Lieutenant Jack Cunningham MCO/2XO - Meritous Newcomer of the Month Award
Lieutenant Thalk CEO - DeForest Kelley Humor Award

Departing Crew Members
Warrant Officer Tobias Beckett CIO - We wish this fantastic player well as he takes a step away from the fleet. We hope to see and write with him again soon. His presence will be missed.
Private First Class Maise Dawes Corpsman - We hope all is well with private, however due to a lack of communication this player had to be removed from the sim.

New Crew Members
Petty Officer 3rd Class Heidy Dilucca - Brig Officer
Ensign Zavior Blackthorne - Assistant Chief Science Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade Amelia Zano - Chief Counselor
Corporal Azure Thompson - Corpsman
Gunnery Sergeant Cornelius Tremble - Team Leader Rifle, Fire Team 2

Open Positions
Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Chief Intelligence Officer
Multiple Marine Specialties
Multiple Enlisted Oppurtunites

Story Elements

The Pioneer has arrived at the Badlands and has begun to scan the area. The ship is doing fine in the area that usually causes chaos with ship's systems. The science department has figured out a way to augment the sensors using what the CSO calls cat's whiskers. He has deployed a number of probes that relay information to the Pioneer and this assists our CFCO in making course corrections a little sooner.

There are a nnumber of sub plots going on right now that we are all enjoying to read. It seems that our COO has a very personal issue of the Vulcan kind. Our CMO is working on a secretive side project. If you want to learn more stop by and read.

Post Count: 25
Playing Characters: 17
New Players: 5
Pending Applications: 0

Other Information

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