USS Pioneer – Jul-19

USS Pioneer – Jul-19

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

The only change here is a further update to the Marine unit aboard the Pioneer known as the Cure. A complete deck listing for the Nor Class station Empok Nor has been added as well. That is all for now by way of website updates. Although there are some big changes in the works.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
The First Sergeant of the Marines Gunnery Sergeant Wilhelmina Wilson has decided to leave the Pioneer. This was due to real life issues that they are facing. We all hope that they get through this trying time and return to writing with us.

Leave Of Absence
Some bad news here our Chief of the Boat Andrew Moore has fallen ill and had to be placed on an Extended Leave of Absence. We wish them a speedy recovery and will keep them in our thoughts.

New Crew Members
There are no new Crew Members to report.

Awards & Promotions
We are proud to announce the promotion of First Lieutenant Cornelius Tremble to the rank of Marine Captain. We are also overjoyed that he has taken the role of Second Officer for the USS Pioneer. Welcome to the command team Captain Tremble.

We are also pleased to announce the promotion of Lieutenant Junior Grade Ameri O Flannagain to the rank of Lieutenant. She will also take the position of Chief of Operations.

Open Positions
First Sergeant
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Counterintelligence Agent
Combat Engineer
Many Enlisted Positions Open

Story Elements

As of the time of this report we are winding down our Shore Leave mission titled Home Again. This has been an eventful leave for the crew. One that has seen few romances blossom, and family arrive to the Pioneer. A Court Martial was also held all that and more while the crew simply tried to get some rest and relaxation. In short order the Pioneer will leave it's home at Empok Nor for open space again. This time they are bound for a survey mission on behalf of the Cardassian government.

Since the CDF has it's hands full cleaning up the homeworld after the battle with the Obsidian Order. Cardassia requests the Pioneer to survey a planet and see if it is suitable for Cardassian colonization. Upon arrival the Pioneer finds signs of life on the planet complete with an unknown station. The crew of the Pioneer will have to answer the following questions. Why had Cardassia no known about this? Who built all of this? But most importantly where did they all go. It seems that Malbrooke, Ó Flannagáin, and the rest of the Pioneer crew have an old fashioned mystery on their hands. What will become the USS Pioneer when it comes face to face with The Silence?

Post Count: 134
Playing Characters: 17
New Players: 0
Pending Applications: 0

Other Information

This was another exciting month for the Pioneer. The crew seemed to have a lot to write to develop their characters and the world around them. I would like to single out one member of my crew in particular, Dana Wakefield. This writer took it upon themselves to create a story that is rarely seen in Star Trek a Court Martial. But one where the person actually did what they were charged with. It was interesting to read this character's fall from grace and I salute the writer for taking the risk. Here is to the next mission and more stories to tell...



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