USS Pioneer – July 2020

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USS Pioneer – July 2020


Sim Updates

There has only been one major change to the site in the past month. We have added new avatars for the crew on Empok Nor. There has been some changes in the crew and staffing aboard the Pioneer but there will more on that later in the report. The USS Pioneer has arrived at Starbase Sirius. We hope that this will lead to some cross sim posting with other ships in Task Force 47. The word count mod has been added to the site and is a god send.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
We are always saddened when crew leave the sim and the community. However, it is understood that sometimes it has to happen. This month four crew members have left the sim. Sergeant Teevil Eubilex & Lieutenant Tallida Ovaa have both been cut from the sim due to inactivity in posting and in the community. Lieutenant Junior Grade Nazia Tam & Petty Officer 3rd Class Etah Kilij have resigned from the sim due to real life issues. We wish them the best and hope that one day they will return.

Leave Of Absence
We currently have no crew members on Leave of Absence. The entire crew is ready willing and able to serve.

New Crew Members
The Pioneer is proud to welcome Lieutenant Junior Grade Kara Li to the post of Chief Counselor. We hope that she can straighten out all of the heads of this crazy mixed up crew.

Awards & Promotions
There have been no awards presented this month. However there have been some changes to the crew and promotions to announce. So let's get to it...

First with our Chief Flight Control Officer leaving the sim the Command Team decided to promote from within and keep it in the family as it were. So we are proud to announce that the Assistant Chief Operations Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Paul Michael is hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and given the Department Head post of Chief Flight Control Officer. We hope that he can keep the ship on the straight and narrow from this point on.

The Chief Medical Officer Lieutenant Commander Richard Ballston has requested to be demoted in rank and position. He will now take the post of Assistant Chief Medical Officer with the rank of Lieutenant. Which makes me proud to announce that Lieutenant Hermia O'Rourke will be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and given the post of Chief Medical Officer.

Story Elements

The USS Pioneer arrives at Starbase Sirius and the crew is becoming accustomed to their new home. The excitement aboard the ship is palpable as the crew prepares for two weddings. Billy Calhoun and Jennifer Masters as well as Auba Lyna and Paul Michael are preparing to marry. This adds to the already full plate of Captain Tyler Malbrooke. Not only does he have the weddings to preside over but a QSD is being installed on the ship and the Captain and his wife are looking toward having a baby of their own. The Pioneer is shaping up to being a great home for families. The crew of the USS Pioneer are living it up as they relax and enjoy their time off. But the question is if this is the calm before the storm.

Other Information

This month was a bittersweet month for the Pioneer. We had a good number of friends depart our community. However, we welcome one new friend. Posting is up this month and continues to show signs of getting higher, and our Discord chat has experienced and uptick as well. So I guess we have to take the good with the bad. As the months and the seasons change we have no where but up to go.

27,656 words among 17 writers averages out to 55.312 posts. Which is 3.2 posts per writer a fantastic month for the Pioneer.



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