USS Pioneer – June 2020

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USS Pioneer – June 2020


Sim Updates

The new skin has the kinks fully ironed out and is running better than we have expected. As a GM I am a believer in full immersion, and as such the imagery is always changing on the site. So keep a look out for the new images as they come. However, the nuts and bolts of the site are running well. The crew is adjusting both in character and out of character to the new game setting and format of the sim. As the Pioneer shifts gears from Cardassians to Romulans.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
Unfortunately we have had two crew members depart the Pioneer. Both Ensign Ren Trell and Sergeant Tevil Eubilex have been cut from the sim due to lack of contact. We hope that they are doing well, and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

Leave of Absence
We currently do not have any crew members on Leave of Absence.

New Crew Members
We have no new crew members at this time. However, we are always open for new and interesting characters to join our ranks.

Awards & Promotions
There are no promotions to report at this time. However, I am proud to report that both Lieutenant Tallida Ovaa and Warrant Officer Mira Jayna have been given their One Year Service Citations. We are overjoyed to have them continue on the Pioneer.

We are also proud and humbled by the granting of the Unit of Merit for May. We will try to continue to live up to the standard that has become expected of the Pioneer.

Story Elements

The Pioneer has arrived at Starbase Sirius on schedule and with little fanfare. Work begins in earnest on the ship as Lieutenant Elen Diari the Chief Engineer oversee the installation of the new Quantum Slipstream Drive. The question of what happens when many lifetimes of children come to call is answered as the El Aurian Chief Billy Calhoun's children come to meet their new stepmom. The Malbrookes continue to plan their family. Speaking of family a Cardassian teacher has been assigned to the Pioneer. This creates and entirely new difficulty for the Pioneer's command team as they wonder what a Cardassian could teach the ship's children about Federation values.

Captain Malbrooke and Captain Tremble get a tour of the new Marine installations in the area of Starbase Sirius. They learn of a new joint fleet initiative between Starfleet, The Klingons, and of all people The Ferengi. What could this mean for the sector? The big question that has to be answered now is why are the Ferengi now suddenly interested in galactic politics.

The Pioneer's crew continues their shore leave as they get to know their new home. Little do our Pioneers know as the fun is short lived for enemies are always out there and always watching.

Other Information

It seems that posting is on cruise control of sorts. While we certainly have had better months, I feel that we could have had worse as well. I feel that the weight of the world has effected some and made them reinvest in the simming community. However, in some cases it has made them pull away as well. As the world returns to normal so will the simming community. In the next couple of months I am hopeful to get the Pioneer on track and involved in a mission story that will have everyone glued to their screens. In order to do that I will be polling my crew and looking into the kinds of stories that they want to tell.

On a non simming note... I would like us all to remember that Vulcan principle of IDIC, Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. As we wade this unprecedented time let us all keep that in mind when we deal with our fellow humans.

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