USS Pioneer – Mar-19

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USS Pioneer – Mar-19

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

A few new mods are being worked on for the site. These mods will restructure the bio pages hopefully making a more streamlines look to everything. The crew of the Pioneer has started to write two different stories as well. The first is the usual missions of the USS Pioneer and the second are the missions and goings on at station Empok Nor. The plot lines run congruent and the events in one can and do effect the other.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
The streak continues on the Pioneer. We have no departures from the crew. It seems that we are one big happy family here.

Leave of Absence
Our Chief Medical Officer Dr Richard Ballston has been placed on Extended Leave of Absence.
Our Ship's Counselor Amelia Zano has requested a Leave of Absence for personal reasons

New Crew Members
The USS Pioneer has no new crew members this month.

Promotions & Awards
There are no awards or promotions for this month

Open Positions
Captain's Yeoman
Marine Positions
All Enlisted Positions/Junior Officer Positions

Story Elements

At the moment the Pioneer is engaged in a large scale battle with the New Maquis and rouge Cardassian ships while in the Cardassian home system. In the meantime the Pioneer's XO is leading an Away Team to rescue the Detapa Council. The Council is being held hostage by a group calling themselves the Obsidian Order. Concurrently the Pioneer's Chief of the Boat has led an Away Team to find the self declared leader of Cardassia Prime and the Obsidian Order. In the Trivas System Empok Nor gears up for a battle and a search begins for a mole within the station's command crew.

Post Count: 72
Playing Characters: 18
New Players: 0
Pending Applications: 0

Other Information

This month is great one at the Pioneer. The current mission is pretty action packed and should be coming to a conclusion within the next couple of months. The hope is that the next mission will be more diplomatic and less battle oriented.



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