USS Pioneer – March 2020

USS Pioneer – March 2020


Sim Updates

The command team has been in discussions about exactly how we are going to incorporate some of the events from the Star Trek Picard timeline into our sim. This goes in parcel to the website redesign which has included a lot of the Picard design concepts. We hope to have these ideas hammered out by the end of the current mission. We are holding off on a lot of the major decisions to see how the fleet as a whole is going to handle it.

Which brings us to a point about the mission. Due to the very idea of running cross sim missions, posting has a tendency to slow down. It can also have a tendency to leave some writers by the wayside. As such the USS Pioneer has opened its next mission titled "New Home, Same Pioneers." This was done to facilitate posting, and keep the writers being left by the way side in the current mission writing. More about this mission a little later in the report.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
Thankfully our community stays strong on the Pioneer. No one has left the sim.

Leave of Absence
Due to the pandemic a few Pioneers have had to take a Leave of Absence from the sim. We hope that Lieutenant Commander Vaebn tr'Hwersuil, Lieutenant Tallida Ovaa, & Lieutenant Hermia O'Rourke return to us sooner than later.

New Crew Members
We are proud to welcome Petty Officer 3rd Class Etah Kilij to the Pioneer's Intelligence Division as an Infiltration Specialist. We are confident that he will be a great addition to our story.

Awards & Promotions
First is an OOC Promotion of sorts. We are extremely proud to welcome Staff Warrant Officer Jennifer Masters to the Command Team of the USS Pioneer. She will be joining the team as Command Chief Petty Officer Phuong Lan Nguyen the Chief of the Boat. With Jennifer keeping an eye on our enlisted personnel we know that the Pioneer's stories are only going to get better and better.

We would also like to congratulate Ensign Dana Wakefield on two wonderful years of service to the Pioneer. Thank you for being a part of our community.

Open Positions
Assistant Chief Science Officer
First Sergeant

Story Elements

The battle for Empok Nor rages on. The Cure has made entrance into the enemy held station with the help of former Maquis Makeba Brown and an Infiltration Specialist Warrant Officer Mara Jayna. Gul Typhon Prenar one of the masterminds of the takeover has seemed to escape the station. The USS Churchill has made chase to intercept. The USS Tinanglong, USS Tianjin, & USS Ottawa-A have their hands full keeping the Cardassian enemy fleet at bay. Lieutenant Commander Katherine Malbrooke and Lieutenant Ameri O Flannagain are hot on the heels of one of Empok Nor's own. It seems that a member of the station's crew has betrayed them all to the enemy. The question is will the ladies catch the traitor before it is too late.

The battle is not all good news for Starfleet. The USS Pioneer took heavy damage while dropping their Marines onto Empok Nor. The major damage being to the propulsion systems. Ensign Dana Wakefield perished while restoring propulsion. Her death will not be in vain if the rest of the crew has anything to say about it.

The next mission titled "New Home, Same Pioneers" is a shore leave mission of sorts. The Pioneer travels from Empok Nor to it's new home at Starbase Sirius. This takes some time so the crew is allowed to let their hair down aboard the ship. We welcome two new crew members in this mission Petty Officer 3rd Class Etah Kilij as an Infiltration Specialist & Ensign Eleanor Raine as the Pioneer's new Diplomatic Advisor. With the battle for Empok Nor behind them the crew finally has a chance to bond further when Jennifer Masters gets married. Life can be a party on the Pioneer.

Other Information

We are happy to see that posting is on an uptick on the Pioneer. It seems that the winter dolldrums are getting behind us.

I would like to add for anyone who may read this, a simple Thank You. As an essential employee who works in Emergency Services I know that I have appreciated the distraction this community can offer. So thank you for taking my mind off of a lot of the sorrow and pain that I have been seeing these past few weeks.

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