USS Pioneer – May 2020

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USS Pioneer – May 2020


Sim Updates

The new mission has begun and we are off an running with character development. The site is still going through it's finishing touches and fine tuning. Over the next month the Pioneer canon will continue the story of Empok Nor while the Pioneer joins the fleet at Sirius. This is being done as my writers enjoy writing the sub plots on Empok Nor so it will remain as a side mission/project.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
Thankfully our community stays strong on the Pioneer. No one has left the sim. The Pioneer community is a relatively solid one.

Leave of Absence
We are happy to announce that our Counselor Tallida Ovaa has returned from LOA. So the Pioneer runs with a full crew again.

New Crew Members
We add two more members to the Pioneer Community. The first joins our Security & Tactical Department. Ensign Ren Trell is the newest Junior Tactical Officer.

Next we add more meat for the grinder as another joins the ranks of the Pioneer's Marine Unit known as the Cure. Petty Officer Second Class Samuel Renfroe joins as the newest Corpsman. We hope that he can keep our Marines in fighting shape.

Awards & Promotions
There are no promotions at this time. However, Lieutenant Elen Diari our Chief Engineering Officer has earned the 2 Year Service Award. I would like to thank them for being an friend and member of the Pioneer community.

Story Elements

The Pioneer speeds across the galaxy at warp 9 on orders from Admiral Oliver Lancaster. As for the crew it is business as usual. The Captain wrestles with his demons old and new. As well as a new fear, that of being a father. Wedding plans continue for the Chief Intelligence Officer and her husband to be. Once the ship arrives at Starbase Sirius they are greeted by an overwhelmingly good welcome. Among those well wishers are family members of the crew, some that they have not seen in some time. This auspicious occasion is marked by two important factors the first is that for the first time since being commissioned the USS Pioneer joins the fleet. The second is that The Cure is already in demand as they depart on Operation Whack A Mole.

As the ship nears ever closer to his home the Pioneer's Chief Science Officer a Romulan receives some great news. His sister has been advanced to her senior year at the Academy. It is a bittersweet time in the Astrometrics lab aboard the Intrepid Class ship. The Romulan's normally stoic demeanor begins to show signs of cracking.

Other Information

It seems that posting is undergoing a see saw of sorts. We had a great month last month and this month seems a little lackluster. While there were not many posts this month, the quality was above reproach. We had a funeral post that actually included every crew member both PCs and NPCs. I decided to have a chat with the crew about the posting as it seemed to me that the levels should increase when everyone is home during a pandemic. My crew yet again taught me a lesson. This time it was that most of the crew of the Pioneer are essential workers, and those that aren't are home with their children. That said there is just not as much time or simming as there normally would be. So I ask all of you out there in the fleet to take a little pity on your crews, your writers, your friends and give them a little forgiveness for not tagging or taking too long to tag.

I am absolutely sure that when this is all over our community will be stronger for it and our posting levels will return to their former greatness.

This month 21 writer wrote a total of 10,741 words, which comes to 21.482 SPM, which averages to about one post per writer.



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