USS Pioneer – October 2, 2018

Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

I have finished working on the new skin. The unveiling of this skin will be for the sim's one year anniversary. This past month was another tough one with crew member's on LOA due to RL. I am believer in for every sim a little rain must fall, and this is simply the Pioneer's time in the rain. Now that we are squarely in the fall posting will increase, the increase has already begun I am happy to say.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
I am proud to report that this month we had no one depart the ship. A happy crew is a happy sim.
Leave of Absence
One good note here, and one bad note. The good is our XO has returned from his LOA and we are overjoyed to have him back. The bad is that our CMO/2XO has to go on an LOA to take care of some school related projects. We wish him well, and wait with baited breath for his return.
New Crew Members
We have not added anyone to the crew for the month of September.
USS Pioneer Awards
The current mission will be ending on October 15 and the awards will be announced then. So in my report next month you will see them announced.
Open Positions
Marine Positions
Enlisted Positions

Story Elements

The crew is returned from sliding through alternate universes. Some really unique writing came out of this mission. They will now be heading to Casperia Prime in the Horvian Cluster for shore leave. This time allows the crew to rest, recharge, and regroup after their journey through time. Captain Malbrooke extends an invitation to any family of the crew who might want to take the trip. However, upon arrival this pleasure planet is not what it seems. Family, a new threat, relaxation, and more await the crew of the USS Pioneer below the rings of Casperia Prime. This shore leave will also see the crew exchange stories of their adventures through time, and perhaps right some of the wrongs that they have done in their own lives.

Post Count: 40
Playing Characters: 17
New Players: 0
Pending Applications: 1

Other Information

Posting levels are still at a low level, but one that I am accepting of. I have spoken with my crew and together we have figured out what the issues were with the last mission. Shore leave is shaping up to have a great boost in the posting levels. We are also excited to be welcoming the pending applicant. Fresh blood and fresh writing is a great thing to have.

As always I would like to thank each and every one of my crew members for a great month of simming. Here is to seeing what next month has in store.

Until Then...
Steady As She Goes

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