USS Pioneer – September 2020

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USS Pioneer – September 2020


Sim Updates

I have finally reconciled a bit of coding that was causing an issue on the manifest page. Thanks to this you can now see the awards that a character has won displayed under their avatar on their bios, and you can see the number of posts, whether or not they are on LOA and who plays the character on the main manifest. We have also retooled some of the fonts on the site. Work continues on the arduous process of making the website more mobile friendly.

As September draws to close so does the Race To 200 with the USS Elysium. Like two gladiators stuck in an epic battle for all eternity the USS Pioneer and the USS Elysium have crossed the finish line together. On behalf of the crew of the Pioneer I would like to congratulate Captain Lalor and her crew on an epic race.

Crew Updates

Departing Crew Members
Thankfully no one left or had to be removed from the Pioneer this month. We are all present and accounted for.

Leave of Absence
Our Counselor Lieutenant Junior Grade Kara Li has gone on a Leave of Absence due to a death in the family. We express our deepest condolences in this trying time and hope that they take all the time they need to heal.

New Crew Members
The USS Pioneer has no new crew members for the month of September.

Awards and Promotions
The entire crew received a participation award for participating in the Race for 200 with the USS Elysium. There will be more awards and promotions when the current mission closes out next month.

Story Elements

The crew of the Pioneer have settled in to their new home at Starbase Sirius and all is well. The Pioneer's orders are in and they are to head to the Voral System within Romulan space. This is to be an exploratory mission. While the crew returns to the ship and makes ready to leave a coded message from an unknown location makes its way to the Pioneer's Chief Science Officer. A Romulan from Vaebn's past has made contact and questions the loyalty of Vaebn. A veiled threat is made on the Science Officer's family. What happens next will be revealed when the Pioneer enters its next mission titled "Family Matters".

Meanwhile the XO is offered a command of his own. Will Quinn take the job or is he to be the next William Riker...

Other Information

I am exceptionally proud of the crew of the Pioneer they rose to the challenge and exceeded it. I am always humbled by their talents and their friendship. The Pioneer is more than a sim, it is a community. This mission focused on character development while the crew came to terms with a new mission, a new location, and a new way of Starfleet thinking. Add to that two weddings and a pregnancy and the Pioneer may have its own soap opera.

This month the Pioneer wrote 162,260 words which is 324.52 standard posts. That averages out to about 21.63 posts per crew member. An amazing month by an amazing crew.



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