USS Polaris – Jul-18

USS Polaris – Jul-18

Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

July was the first month for the U.S.S. Polaris. Currently docked at Hephaestus Fleetyards deep in Federation territory in the Beta Quadrant, the ship is preparing to launch on a mission of exploration and diplomacy into a previously barely-charted region of space rife with intelligent life, and not all of it friendly! Our site's wiki is currently growing with information on the new species that our intrepid crew will encounter when they enter the Preserve.

Crew Updates

As a new sim we are currently looking for crew in anticipation of the ship's relaunch after a complete refit. In July we filled positions for Executive Officer and Chief Flight Control Officer. We are most eagerly seeking department heads for Medical, Science, and Engineering - but the remaining senior staff positions are currently open as well - Security, Counselor, Diplomacy, & Intel.

Story Elements

We began our first mission Prologue: Everything Old... at the end of July. Our pre-story mission will focus on the final preparations of the Polaris before she leaves on the maiden voyage she never had. As a ship that was rushed to production at the height of the Dominion War, the Polaris operated for years in an incomplete state. Now, she is ready to be filled with life and seek out new world in the name of the Federation.

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