– August 3, 2017


Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

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Crew Updates


Story Elements

While the USS Portland is in for repairs, the crew have commandeered a Breen freighter for a daring rescue mission to save Commander Rouse, who had been captured during the first part of the mission.

The crew has been very creative with the Breen ship. As there is no canon for what the inside of a Breen ship looks like, we've taken the opportunity to create our own. A living warp core, a main computer whose primary imputs involve tentacles, and a system of helmets patched into the ship's systems rather than viewscreens have made it an interesting and truly alien experience.

Other Information

Things have been a little slow as of late, but I am working on plans for a new site (to help with post notifications) and ways to kick things into high gear.

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