USS Rhea – October 29, 2018

Task Force 72, Task Group 72C

Sim Updates

As you may have noticed, we have a new name this month. We have completed the transition from the Yorktown to the Rhea and are in the process of really fleshing out the cinematic universe in which our sim operates. I'll put more in the Story Element section, but we have quiet a few plot developments and opportunities to really dig in a tell stories.

As far as the new website, we have switched to our new site and I would put it at 85% complete. I want to finish the wiki, tour, and add some fluff here and there.

Crew Updates

It seems that this month has been fairly quiet on the player front. No new players and no leaving players.

We have quiet a few openings
USS Rhea:
Chief Medical Officer

Sons of Cheron:
Ever wanted to be a bad guy? Do you have a character willing to do bad things for what they think is the right reason?

Burnell Station
Our small Science station needs staffing.

Story Elements

This is probably going to be the most I've written in this portion in any previous report, so here goes...

We are about to have three simultaneous launches coming. The most important is the Rhea itself. Since the Excelsior-class has now been retired, we have decided to upgrade to the Luna-class. We feel that because it is a more modern version of the Constitution that it can better help us tell our story than other ship classes. With his comes our new mission structure. We are no going to run Seasons as particular story arcs broken into around six missions, four being the story itself and two being TNG/DS9/VOY style episodes.

Our second launch will be our sort of "home base" of our sim. Burnell Station is a small scientific station set above a planet with a primitive culture. However, this culture has a secret past that will bring up some interesting questions about the Prime Directive and the culture itself. We look forward to growing the station into a colony and seeing what sorts of stories and characters we can develop.

Lastly, we have our group of bad guys, the Sons of Cheron. Instead of going with the tired alien of the week mission that has nothing to do with the next, we want to see our bad guys develop with the rest of us. That is why we have developed a group like the Maquis as our antagonist. They are a group whose ideals are understandable and can be sympathetic, but take their actions too far. We are encouraging our players to create NPCs in the group who will grow and develop as they face their own moral self-debates. The are named the Sons of Cheron after the Battle of Cheron. It was the last battle of the Earth-Romulan War and where the Federation was really founded, built upon self-reliance and military might. The alliance of the Humans, Vulcans, Tellarites, and Andorians established the Federation as a quadrant power.

Other Information

This has been a great month for us with a large uptick in activity.

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