– December 1, 2017


Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

We really didn't have too many changes to speak of this month. With the start of the holiday season I opted to forgo anything big as to keep things simple for now. We did do a bit of recruitment on several Yahoo Groups, Forums, and a few others. So for nothing really big as panned out; it might be time to start looking at other outside the box means of recruitment. As to the site, changes again were minor; new images, refreshed logo, dedication plaque. Nothing too over the top. We did install a mod for our manifest, the card manifest mod, and I am really liking this.

Crew Updates

We did have some changes to our manifest, and a few crew swaps this month. Our Counselor was retired and moved her character to more of guest role as real life commitments have increased. Also our Science Chief, has moved over into more of a Command Role, in her new position as Chief of Security.

Story Elements

Several months ago we ran a simm contest, involving the crew writing a humorous mission, as we progressed into October we were able to start this mission titled "In All The Wrong Places". This mission will involved a First Contact, Diplomacy and an odd radiated food that causes body swapping with the crew.

Official Teaser:

After hearing news of a new species that has just achieved warp capabilities, the Roanoke is sent on every crew’s most anticipated and exciting kind of mission-- First Contact. After a successful meeting with the Aeryans, the crew has a chance to mingle and get to know more about the uniquely telepathic species. The crew is invited to a traditional meal while the Aeryans celebrate the festival of Vael'opua (Veil-ohp-OO-ah), which marks the start of a transition to major technological development, among several things. After the meal, however, the crew soon finds themselves in an odd predicament-- they have started switching bodies! Can the crew get to the bottom of the rather odd situation, and how does the story told at the celebration connect to the probe that was picked up by sensors?

This mission will also involve us using Google Docs to help tracker Sub-plots to keep things "less" confusing.

Other Information

Nothing really did to report as extra information. With the start of the holiday season I am sure we will see a slight dip in posting, it's only natural. But we should be good going into December.

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