– November 2, 2017


Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

In regards to the website, we're going into your 3rd year and there isn't much that needs to be done to the site. At this point, I main goal is to keep things update and fresh. I am still working on a new site, but that hasn't been top priority as of yet. I might need to go to Risa and hire some illegal crew members to work on the new skin so this gets finished.

Crew Updates

We saw the addition of a Chief Medical Officer this month, which filled a good hole in the crew. My focus over the next month will be to get a Security Chief next. At this point in time we have no promotions to report, and one crew members (Harrington) who will be celebrating his third year aboard the vessel.

Top Open Positions:
Chief of Security
Chief of Diplomacy
Several Assistant Positions...

Story Elements

We finished up our mission "Regulations or Righteousness" and have moved onto our next mission, "In All The Wrong Places." This next mission was part of a simm contest held a little while back that was put forth to the crew to write/develop a humorous. In this mission the Roanoke crew will be sent on a First Contact Mission in which they get exposed to an unusual radiation and swap bodies after eating some cultural dishes. The Mission will focus on a successful Diplomatic meeting with the local government and dealing with the issues related to the body swap.

Other Information

Last month we had a total of 56 posts for the month. I also did a simm wide survey to get the crew's feedback on the simm, and our future progress. We had a little over half the crew respond and I am very pleased with the results. I will be working on distributing it out the command staff and as a team coming up with ideas to deal any issues that came as a result of the survey.

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