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Task Force 72, Task Group 72B

Sim Updates

Not too much has changed in the way of the site this month, I am still working on a new skin and I'd like to put together a cleaner version of our simm logo; but these projects are still in the works. Most of the site changes this month was cleaning out old material and ensuring that "almost" everything is updated.

Crew Updates

September was the resignation of our XO, Commander Valoru Ch'Arath, due to his focuses within the fleet. However as fate would have it an old friend of the simm came back out of retirement and as such Lieutenant Commander Maurelle Valentine was given the spot of Executive Officer. Cmdr Valentine has been a great and needed change for the simm.

Time Served Recognition:

Lieutenant JG Sha'nae Ba'au - 6 months
Lieutenant Russell Maitland - 1 Year
Marine Captain Karigyn Shepard - 6 Months

Open Positions:

Chief Medical Officer
Chief Diplomatic Officer
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Story Elements

Mission Title: Regulations or Righteousness

Summary: While prepping the Roanoke for her first official mission Captain Harrington receives a call from Star Fleet Command regarding the USS Caldwell and a former Officer of his, Greg Alein. Alein's Commanding Officer, Captain Natali Harris, as gone rogue. Harris has been accused of disobeying the order of a superior Officer, sabotage of Federation property (USS Caldwell), and Conduct Unbecoming an Officer.

Harrington has been ordered to track down the Caldwell. Using his connection to Alein, Harrington and crew must determine the Caldwell's location and bring Harris to justice. However, things are never as easy as they appear, and the Roanoke crew will be faced with a dilemma; Harris' actions were obviously the "right thing" to do but in violation of orders. Could you choose to save a life and end your own?

Mission Notes: We should be wrapping up this mission over the next two weeks, I hope. The overall theme and creative talents of the crew have really driven this mission the last month and changed things up a little bit. Very excited to see the passion of our writers force this GM/CO to edit a mission to continue that talent.

Other Information

Not too much extra to report this month, we had a few people contact me about open positions and a finally have everyone off of LOA which is a PLUS. More exciting things to come next month.

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