– August 31, 2017


Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

Our webmaster reported some heavy data usage or something and is trying to discover where it comes from. He's had to restart the server a few times but it doesn't really seem to have affected play. He's very on the ball if there are any new updates in terms of Nova.

Crew Updates

Lieutenant Commander Sslar S'Weshis promoted to Commander
Lieutenant j.g. Wade McKnight promoted to Lieutenant
Lieutenant j.g. Jillian Karinth removed from game due to having disappeared. There was some brief contact about a month ago after the player returning from LOA however since then there has been no activity or response to messages.

Story Elements

We are currently enjoying a well deserved week of shoreleave at an unnamed very tropical planet. The crew can engage in anything they want. Some are going on family holidays while others may seek adventure for their leave. We shall also be having at least one wedding on the last day of leave. Captain Talla H'Rhar will finally be marrying her fiancé Commander Kentar Chinari.

In addition to this wedding. we may also celebrate the union of Ensign Ayden H'Rhar and Chief Petty Officer Denice Hamilton.

Other Information

We had a bit quieter month than last month but I suppose that's mostly due to people starting up with work and whatnot again after the summer holidays. We still managed to get a total of 30 posts.

Doctor Siri Narayan will be on LOA, due to real life maternity leave.

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