– January 3, 2018


Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

Server has been updated to have a SSL certificate so all login details are now secure. Sarek now uses https instead of http

Crew Updates

Lieutenant Siri Narayan - character demoted to ACMO and deactivated until further notice (Player on undefined length ELOA)
Lieutenant Seomi Diza - assigned as Chief Medical Officer
1Lt Mitzen Coralin - reassigned to Fighter Wing group commander (temporarily retains Marine Detachment Commander)

I would like to highlight the positions of CIO and MDC which are now both vacant. We don't require experience in any position only a desire to try and write them well.

Story Elements

We are on the tail end of our shoreleave, the wedding ceremony has been performed and the party has been concluded. End of this week-ish I will be opening up our new mission.

Our new mission will be titled "Relics"

The Crew of the USS Sarek receives a distress call from a seemingly uninhabited planet. They must answer the call, but be careful of what they might find.

Other Information

With 19 posts for December we're not doing too badly. We're right on to our average of about 20 posts a month. As always I consider the story telling and character building far more important than playing out a mission theme.

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