– January 31, 2018


Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

We have at long last started a new mission and are in the process of rounding up the shoreleave thread. There have been a few updates to nova. We had a mind blowing 51 posts this month which is well above expectation. Mostly because the CEO and COO have devised a side plot which everyone is getting involved in.

Crew Updates

There have been no crew updates in january (unless I forgot to report my new CMO last month....I do have a new CMO after I had to remove her predecessor due to too long LOA)

Story Elements

We are now going to a planet from which we have received a kind of distress signal However we will find no-one there. The signal is archaic and we will find relics of some sort. We only have the basics, the details get fleshed out along the way. Chief of Science McKnight will be the main lead for this mission.

I don't see any impact to the TG or the TF with this.

Other Information

Im very happy with my crew this month...51 posts. wow !

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