– July 31, 2017


Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

I am quite fortunate to have a webmonkey who is on the ball with tweaking the site to make it run more smoothly where needed. He has updated Nova recently to the latest version and has fixed bugs in the skin we run as our main theme.

Crew Updates

We have taken on two new crewmembers (COO and CEO), and unfortunately had to let go of one who had not logged on for quite some time and had not responded to several attempts at contact (COO who has since been replaced with aforementioned new player). The old IFS was not yet updated to reflect those changes as I usually do that when I do my monthly report.

Story Elements

We are currently in the last stage of our mission "Back to Dyson" where the Sarek continued on from an earlier mission after a brief stint in a parallel universe. They were escorting a group of vessels towards a Dyson's sphere for scientific research however one vessel went rogue and it's captain turned on the other vessels in the small group. Since then, the mission changed from escort to defending the other vessels. Ultimately, the USS Thule (turned rogue) self-destructed and one of the shuttles that had departed from the Sarek with another rogue Starfleet officer, has gone missing.

Now we are running scans to determine whether a shuttle really left the sarek or whether the bridge crew has been fooled. While we run this aftermath, the captain has ordered the search for a nice tropical planet to enjoy a few days of leave after scans and briefings have been completed.

Other Information

We currently have a crew of 10 players and a webmaster who occasionally turns up a guest npc character to write when he feels like jumping in. The month of July definitely was better than June, and our activity has pretty much tripled. It's nice to see our new players jump straight in (though sorry guys for throwing you two into the deep end with being set to work in your departments straight away!)

I have an amazing crew and we have had a steady group of players for a good 9 years now...I'm very proud to have such a loyal crew.

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