– April 2, 2018


Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

We've not had any major changes this month. There was a brief issue of causing too much traffic on the host's server but that apparently wasn't us but a setting on the server (if I understood my webmaster's explanation correctly)

Crew Updates

Ensign Ushaar sadly chose to depart from the simm.
Lieutenant Commander Prenar switched from StratOPS to CIO.

Story Elements

We are currently going to investigate some ancient relics. Lieutenant McKnight has discovered something and excitedly came to see the captain about it. Since then we've had a briefing and McKnight is going to assign away team members once we enter orbit. What exactly we will find, aside from ancient radio signals, remains to be seen.

Other Information

Nothing of significance. No LOAs at present that I'm aware of, and though we're a wee slower than last month and people required some nudging to post, we're generally on par with activity.

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