– June 1, 2018


Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

My webmaster has updated the website to the latest Nova version. Terms of service link has been added as well as the privacy policy, which has been linked in the footer and can be found on the site itself.

Adjustments have been made to the joinform to denote that the risk of someone lying about their age and parental concent is on the applicant. Anyone under age and found to be lying (about their parental consent) will be removed immediately, and reported to the TFCO.

Crew Updates

We didn't have any promotions this month and thank fully no-one has decided to leave.

We've had a few LOAs and the chief counselor has indicated that soon he will be having more time to participate (he's been on a reduced posting allowance for a while now due to hectic real life)

Story Elements

Well....the shuttle that was sent out to investigate an ancient distress signal has been forced to touch down on the planet. Automated defense systems have dared to take a shot at the shuttle and the crew was forced to shoot it down. However with the shuttle damaged, and the ship out of range, it was necessary to take the risk of landing.

The ship is in high orbit, and transport to the planet at present is too dangerous to even consider, since we don't know yet what's down there.

This mission has been designed, and is currently led by chief of science, Wade McKnight.

Other Information

While things felt slower we actually did 34 posts (count by author) this month so I'm pretty happy. No-one is being left behind in this and we're doing our utmost best to keep everyone happily writing.

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