USS Sarek-A, October 2017

USS Sarek-A, October 2017

Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

There havent been any changes or updates to the website this month.

Crew Updates

Sadly due to other commitments both in OF and in real life, our assistant chief medical officer resigned from the ship. On a happier note, our chief medical officer has - in real life - given birth and we wish her and her baby well. We've not had promotions this month.

As our CMO is on ELOA due to just having had a baby we are still looking for an acting CMO who upon the CMO's return, will stay on as aCMO.

Story Elements

The crew is still enjoying a much deserved shoreleave on a planet which has been dubbed 'Tropicana'. The crew has gone off on various trips and other forms of entertainment and at the end of the week a double wedding awaits them as the captain is getting married but her son as well.

Other Information

We've had a bit of a slow month this month, but I've hope that we'll pick up things soon. Things stalled a bit with people being busy IRL, starting new jobs and whatnot.



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Posted: October 31, 2017 7:27 pm
Updated: October 31, 2017