– September 30, 2017


Task Force 47, Task Group 47A

Sim Updates

We've had a few bug fixes. Our webmaster is very on top of things when it comes to site securit and updates.

Crew Updates

We had a new flight control officer this month: Ensign Dirk Shaar, who jumped right in which is exactly what we like to see from new joinees. We are also expecting an application for assistant CMO soon as we have been contacted by an interested party.

CMO is on ELOA due to having a baby IRL.

Story Elements

Right now the crew is enjoying a much deserved shoreleave on a planet we've dubbed 'Tropicana' for lack of anything a little more creative. Crewmembers are entertaining themselves in various ways, from going on hikes to simply going camping and going back to basics. At the end of our leave we shall be having the wedding of the commanding officer and her XO. The ceremony will be conducted by Rear Admiral Lancaster.

Other Information

Nothing much else to tell, we had another excellent month with nearly 30 posts.

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