USS Sarek – Aug-18

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USS Sarek – Aug-18

Task Force 47, Task Group 47C

Sim Updates

There have been no recent updates to the website other than a small addition to the ship rules.

Crew Updates

We have acquired two new players:
Lieutenant Commander Theodore Dakron - CMO
Lieutenant Jashna-Orath - CDO

Both are actually returning players to Obsidian Fleet so we're thrilled to have them.

Story Elements

To include our new players we have shifted the focus of our mission to the ghost station and have - for the moment - abandoned the planetary element of the plot so our new writers can meet the crew and settle in.

This does mean we have a killer on the loose because sadly, our CIO was killed while trying to protect the away team members.

Other Information

We had an average month as usual. 24 posts in total which was better than last month. All in all we're happily muddling along at a pace which everyone seems to like. I had put out a challenge for August, namely do your counseling sessions but unfortunately those posts are taking a wee longer than was anticipated.

The challenge for September is do your physical.



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