USS Sarek – Aug-19

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USS Sarek – Aug-19

Independent Fleet Operations, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

No updates this month

Crew Updates

Sadly Commander S'Weshis has decided that he's too busy to fully commit to the Sarek, so he's chosen to step down from CTSO and 2XO. Fortunately however, he has decided that he'll stay on to write as a guest-author when inspiration hits. He's indicated that maybe in due time he'll have enough time to give us some commitment in writing again.

We also have a prospect new CTSO and new intelligence officer in the wing, we are awaiting their applications as they've been in contact through discord.

With the departure of Commander S'Weshis as 2XO, Commander Kentar and I have approached Commander Se'lah to take up the position of 2XO. IC-ly, this will occur once we have played out our current mission.

In even more positive news, First Lieutenant Mitzen Coralin has been promoted to Marine Captain.

Story Elements

We are still transporting two guests, and discovering the true identity of our soon to be (IC-ly) assigned CIO/2XO.

I don't think anything we do will impact the fleet as a whole. We are however working on some background as to how Sarek had any influence, however a sliver of it, in Hobus not getting destroyed.

Other Information

We're steady going, generally averaging around the 20 posts a month.



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