USS Sarek – July 19 Report

USS Sarek – July 19 Report

Task Force 47, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

No real updates just yet but we're now going to work on something Lore wise to explain how Sarek somehow had part in Hobus not going boom.

Crew Updates

We had an applicant which we rejected and advised to make some changes to his application, but we've not heard back since.

Lt Mitzen Coralin is about to get promoted to Marine Captain.

Story Elements

We are still ferrying our guests though complications are now arising. Are they really who they say they are, or is there more at play here? it's for the crew to find out which story is the truth.

Other Information

With 20 posts we actually had a good month this month.



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Posted: July 31, 2019 5:49 pm
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