USS Sarek – March 2020

USS Sarek – March 2020


Sim Updates

There are no updates to the site, but we did change into a new mission.

Crew Updates

We have welcomed an old player into the fold. Commander Karen Myles has rejoined us as Chief Counselor.

Story Elements

We have just started our new mission, where we shall head to the Gorn homeworld to assist with a colony dispute. Meanwhile chief security officer Jonah Masters has suddenly been replaced by Samantha Abbott as the disturbing news reaches the senior staff that Masters has been arrested on the charge of treason. Naturally, this too needs investigation!

Other Information

XO is still on LOA but does his best to chip in. Since we have several crew in essential jobs during this Corona crisis, posting requirements are not upheld as we understand that people might be too exhausted to log in after long and busy shifts.

We have crew in retail and healthcare.



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Posted: March 31, 2020 8:36 pm
Updated: March 31, 2020