USS Sarek – Oct-18

USS Sarek – Oct-18

Task Force 47, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

We had a database hack apparently but we don't know when or by whom. We noticed some awards in people's files that changed timestamp on every refresh. Webmaster has cleaned up the database, also removing the old SMS stuff (since all was migrated to nova anyway)

Crew Updates

We had some new crew, yay!

First, Lieutenant Commander Alexander Bakura has stepped back to a civilian counseling position with lower post requirements due to his too busy real life work schedule.

New crew:
Ensign Bronwyn P'ril - Chief Engineer
1st Lieutenant Taran Risyga III - Marine CO
Ensign Zyllia zh’Evhysrass

Story Elements

We're infusing our current mission with some Halloween writings. We're basically trying to round off our current mission due to the ELOA of the mission's creator, our chief of science Wade McKnight. We'll pick it back up in the future when his RL schedule clears up a little.

Meanwhile we're getting ready to enjoy some shoreleave on the Gorn homeworld and get to meet the people of our security chief.

Other Information

We had a bit of a slow month but with the arrival of three new and enthusiastic writers it hopefully picks up soon.



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