USS Sarek – September 30, 2018

Task Force 47, Independent Fleet Operations

Sim Updates

There have been no major changes except that webmaster is investigating why yahoo users aren't getting the emails from the site. They've been advised to use gmail or outlook in the mean time, while webmaster looks into the issue.

Crew Updates

We have at present no new crewmembers and no people have been removed/have left. This month there have also not been any promotions

Current LOAs:
Commander Sslar S'Weshis - CTSO/2XO
Lieutenant Commander Alexander Bakura - CCS (semi-loa. he is going to step back soon to a less demanding position so he can keep participating at a lower post requiremet)

Story Elements

At the moment several of the crew are investigating an allegedly abandoned space station. All crew of the station have somehow disappeared and there's a disruption in the scanners making it impossible to get clear readings. As comms aren't functioning properly, the crewmembers are relying on old fashioned radios.

Other Information

We are aiming to find our new ambassador on the station and then move on to some well deserved shoreleave. When the plotleader has more time, we shall return to this mission at a later date.

At present we are looking for a CIO, CFCO, COO, CEO and MDC

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Posted: September 30, 2018 6:08 pm
Updated: September 30, 2018

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