– July 30, 2017


Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

No major updates to report.

Crew Updates

We've added Gustav, playing Ensign William Calthorpe as a systems engineer.

CO Anatrie Kheim was promoted to Captain by Commodore Alenis Meru.

Story Elements

Mission #2: The Breach Unto Us

During normal operations and between emergency calls, the USS Shanghai detects subspace emissions around an M-class world cataloged to be the home to the Murgh, a slow-plodding, armored mammalian species. The Murgh are on record as being pre-industrial but warlike, having been observed primarily during the first quarter of the 24th century.

Subspace interference coming from a younger species, no matter how disorganized the signal, is worth investigating.

Upon reaching the Beta Seyuleth system, the crew of the USS Shanghai quickly discover that a tear in subspace rests at the Murgh homeworld's trailing Lagrange point. While the planet's magnetosphere appears to deflect most of the harmful subspace radiation, a steady stream of "space junk" pummels the planet on a regular basis.

Other Information

Currently we are in a "low" activity state, with players favoring small side-JPs than pursuing the main mission, with 106 posts across 13 separate threads, eight of which are JP threads.

I hope to try and reinvigorate interest in the main mission come August. I've also introduced the notion of side-missions where small subsections of the crew contribute towards a plot instead of waiting for the entire bridge crew.

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