USS Triton – April 2020

USS Triton – April 2020


Sim Updates

Our second month in operation was a good one! We're in the process of wrapping up Mission 00: Tick-Tock, and Mission 01: Entropy will launch on May 1st. I've graduated from the Academy's CO course, which will take us out of restricted operations and certify me as (mostly) competent. I'm still working behind-the-scenes on the wiki portion of our website.

Crew Updates

I'm thrilled by the new additions this month as it's given us a solid crew to work with, including an almost full senior staff (we're missing a chief science officer). They've all hit the ground running with writing, too! The five players joining us during the month of April are:


Story Elements

We're wrapping up Mission 00: Tick-Tock, which saw the crew disarm a Breen protomatter bomb left in the ship's sensor pod. Investigation into the matter will be ongoing and play into the Breen as antagonists in Mission 01. We've also had the usual raft of "getting to know you" posts as players join the game and get settled into their roles/characters.

Our first mission, Entropy, will be launched on May 1st. The crew is diverted from a routine survey mission to Cardassian space to investigate strange occurrences at the colony on Arsakon VII, where people, buildings, and crops have experienced rapid and random aging. The colony is the largest producer of kanar in the Cardassian Union and forms a vital part of trade routes to the Gamma Quadrant, making it strategically important to the Detapa Council and Starfleet.

Other Information

Our numbers were humble but consistent this month. I think writing activity has been limited by the lack of direction - Mission 00: Tick-Tock was very much a placeholder and wasn't designed as a full-blown mission to engage the entire crew. Now that we're launching the first mission, I think we're likely to see an uptick in post count.


Commander Soraya Rezvani
Commanding Officer
USS Triton NCC-62389



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