USS Triton – June 2020

USS Triton – June 2020


Sim Updates

After our high last month, we coasted a bit this month. Several of our players are getting back to "normal" routines after the disruption of the pandemic, including the commanding officer. Nevertheless, we moved through Act 1 and launched Act 2 of our mission. Everyone continues to work and write well together with mission-related posts.

Crew Updates

We picked up two new players this month - Clancy will be our chief flight control officer, Lieutenant Rohan Sutulhar, and Bruno will be our diplomatic officer, Ensign Torlek, son of Chang of House Torlek. Unfortunately, we lost one player - Sean, who played our Chief Security Officer. Additionally, one player (Avraham) will be going on leave.

Story Elements

We've in Act 2 of our first mission. The crew has discovered that there is a Breen presence on the Cardassian planet Arsakon VII, and they are investigating it.

Other Information

We have pretty good numbers this month: 34 posts and 21,778 words. I've decided in future to break up our posts into roughly 1,500 words, as that's both easily digestible (many of our mission posts can run long) and more in line with the rest of the fleet.

Commander Soraya Rezvani
Commanding Officer
USS Triton NCC-62389



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