USS Valiant february 2020

USS Valiant february 2020


Sim Updates

The last month we didn't have any major updates. We're currently on an diplomatic mission and crew activity is up.

Crew Updates

This month was great for recruiting, the following new crew has joined us:
Lieutenant Tavana Kolan, Daughter of Kretorg, Chief Diplomatic Officer
Lieutenant JG T'Pel, assistant chief of operations

Story Elements

USS Valiant returned to Starbase 80 after successfully rescuing the chief intelligence officer, Lieutenant Commander Bella O'Donnaghue. Due to the writers LOA the character is been sent out on a secret mission. The rest of the crew have been set up with a Federation Ambassador who is sent out to the Honir Star System, which is part of the Valdivaeann Commune and home world to the race bearing the same name.

Other Information

Current statistics of the sims:
Users: Last month 10, this month 11
PCs: Last month 10, this month 11
NPCs: Last month 5, this month 7
Mission Posts: Last month 11, this month 31
Personal logs: Last month 0, this month 1
Totals: Last month 11, this month 32
avg mission posts/user Last month 1.1, this month 2.82
Mission Posts Pace 32.11
Personal Logs Pace 1.04
Totals Pace 33.14

Have fun with the numbers!



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Posted: February 28, 2020 12:01 pm
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