USS Vesta – 01-01-2018

USS Vesta – 01-01-2018

Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

Discovered a few left over remnants of the time with Pegasus Fleet and adjusted those accordingly. We hope those are corrected, but will continue to correct them as we discover them. Furthermore, we have developed a few minor changes to our mission structure going forward, which will be unveiled with the new mission. Lastly, we moved into the position of being the Task Group 72-A command vessel, and are stepping into filling those shoes. More to come as time goes on with that, but we hope to make the most of the new promotion. Redoing the awards page on the Vesta itself so we can build rewards and properly deploy them there, before submitting them to IFS2.

Crew Updates

Captain Minawara (me) was moved into the position of the Task Group Commander for Task Group 72-A. We unfortunately had to remove our Counselor due to inactivity, and this position is now vacant. Crew rumors persist that the position is cursed, as we rarely have a member remain long enough to develop a story. Awards coming as soon as we can correct the missing awards from the page, and the Command crew can be given proper time to review recommendations. Crew positing was slow due to an injury, as well as holidays.

Story Elements

Mission paused during holiday season. TG72-A received us as their new CO. Working with members of the TF72 Command to develop the meta-story for the whole task group. We will update this as we know more. As mentioned above, next mission, we will be trialing a new mission post format. Once we know more, we'll go from there.

Other Information

Vesta saw small points of growth in our off-site community, which we hope to grow and expand as the months go by.



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Posted: January 2, 2018 1:16 am
Updated: January 2, 2018