– January 30, 2018


Task Force 72, Task Group 72A

Sim Updates

No major changes to the Vesta website or our presence on the internet. Worked out some of the minor spelling errors and cleaned up known wrong links. Overall, USS Vesta is in good order. Looking into another ad on Discord in the coming month.

Crew Updates

Lost Head of Counselling due to inactivity. A few wrapping up ELOAs due to personal issues means that the crew should be at full strength soon. Pending application to the position of Chief of Strategic Operations. CO of the USS Rook joined us as Lieutenant Jacob Aaronson, head of Intelligence. No awards suggested, no promotions.

Story Elements

Roughly 13 posts this month, lower than we hoped for. Working final details to wrap this mission and move onto our next one, so we can join the Task Force at the Cardassian Border. Working to also bring a few smaller story elements together to make it make the most sense for when our crew gets "home".

USS Vesta will encounter a slight time jump, followed by a one month Shore Leave mission.

Other Information

Captain Minawara will be busy for most of February due to personal matters, and will be slow. It is hoped that in this time his crew will rise to be what they are known they can be. This will also affect TFCO duties.

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